Bay Area's top broker Jeff Marples has many high real estate agent reviews in his 20 years home sales in San Francisco, Marin, Sausalito, Mill Valley, Tiburon.
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From sellers

“Their quality of work is absolutely excellent and I would highly recommend this firm to everyone. I liked how they were so easy to work with, very responsive, pleasant to be around, and they did high quality performance and great follow-through. We were extremely happy with how everything went.”

Susan R.

“Jeffrey offered very comprehensive, detailed, personalized attentive services that made the process unique and unlike the usual approach that is generally out there, so it was a very interesting, educational and almost a relaxing experience, compared to how it usually is. I liked how Jeffrey was on top of everything that needed to be done, needed to be checked into, and was able to get back right away with the information that was needed. He really gave individualized attention and moved the process along in an easy to deal with format for us. We have recommended him to others already.”

Gabrielle B

“Jeffrey was fabulous. He went above and beyond. We live out of town and had the task of selling a relative’s home. Jeffrey took on the project and did everything that was needed and necessary to make that sale happen. I liked how Jeff was able to take care of finding contractors to work on the home, making sure the work was done properly, and how he got every detail taken care of so that the sale could be completed. I cannot recommend him highly enough, because of everything he did throughout the entire process.”

Susan F

“Jeff is really the best. I would absolutely do business with him again. He has excellent knowledge and skills. I would absolutely recommend him to others and already have. Jeff is a nice person who connects well with clients and is very informed in all things real estate.”

Chris G. - Marin

“Jeffrey was an awesome realtor to work with! While selling our condo in a challenging market, He and his team went above and beyond to make sure we were successful. From photography, to styling, to marketing, his recommendations were always on point. Beyond this, Jeffrey was always responsive, ethical, professional, and has a great sense of humor.”

Bobby L

“Jeff was very professional and communicated regularly as the sale of the property progressed. He brought in an excellent team to prepare the property for sale and the staging was excellent! He is the KING of real estate agents that goes beyond the basics and really delivers a superior experience. ”

Frank H

“I would highly recommend this firm to everyone. I liked how they were so easy to work with, very responsive and pleasant to be around. They have high-quality performance and great follow-through. We were extremely happy with how everything went.”

Susan R. - Repeat Client (Six Transactions)

“I would say that Jeff Marples supports his clients, 100 percent. I think that in my situation there was a lot of assistance needed because my elderly mom needed some support and guidance. Jeff was able to provide that. So I’d have to say the support she received from Jeff personally. Jeff did such a wonderful job. He wasn’t lacking in any area.”

Josie M

“His recommendations on price and considerations were absolutely on point, which shows that he knows the market. He gave us his honest thoughts and pointed out things we didn’t notice or considered about the properties. This type of information is invaluable, especially as new home buyers. He was never pushy and let us make the decision on what we felt comfortable with. Buyer)(seller) condo + SFH purchase 2 properties.”

Seth W

“Jeff is amazing – seriously! It can be a really tricky market out there from selection to funding and beyond. Because of his passion for what he does (and it’s really apparent), he makes the process as painless as I’ve ever known. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and helpful all with a “non-stuffy” friendly demeanor. Bottom line: Jeff is successful because of his unflinching focus on his clients needs. I highly recommend Jeff. – Great job guys! ”

Tom C.

“He is never impatient, never annoyed, and never pompous. We worked with him over many months selling our original condo and finding a new one in a better neighborhood. In terms of finding the new place, Jeff figured out what we needed/wanted and kept us supplied with possible options week after week — until the magic one showed up. Once we had identified the target, Jeff worked beautifully with the listing agent to help us win the bid. Getting the deal done was a work of art and Jeff was Picasso. Step two was then selling our existing property. Once we had the new place, Jeff efficiently arranged for repainting and staging and had the unit on the market in no time. Once on, because of savvy pricing and effective marketing, we had a couple offers right away. A moment of turbulence happened a couple of weeks later because the original buyer vacated the deal, but Jeff had presciently arranged for a backup offer at the same price. We closed at top dollar. Getting the second deal done was a work of art and Jeff was Monet. Jeff is good. Relaxed. Honest. Fun and funny. Effective. Artistic with the deal. He’s the Best. ”

Tim M.

“Jeffery was extremely helpful in all aspects of the sale of our property. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and puts forth great effort on his client’s behalf. I highly recommend Jeffery Marples for any type of real estate transaction. ”

Ellen R.

“I have been fortunate to be represented by Jeffrey Marples twice. He is all business, all the time. If I were going to consider another property, I would want Jeffrey to advise me. He advocates for his clients, provides a positive experi

Jeff P.

“They are responsive, genuine, and trustworthy. I worked with Jeff on many deals. I like the ease of working with him.”

Ming C.

From buyers

“They really genuinely care about their clients. Jeff was hands-on all the way. He walked us through the whole process and made sure we were happy with our investment. I liked Jeff’s personality and the fact that he made us feel he was on top of the situation. We never had any moments where we questioned whether he knew what he was doing. He was really professional. He was perfect.”

Tim M.

“We have lived in the bay area for over 35 years and Jeff is the very best broker we have ever worked with. He is smart,funny and very precise in everything he does. Found us everything we needed and he even goes that extra mile. He adds a great personal touch that is rare to find and we thoroughly enjoy Jeff and his company and all their expertise. Will most certainly do business with Jeff again in the future!!”

Mickey & Lin

“They are very warm, professional, they listened to me, helped me to find what I was looking for, and they were very patient and understanding. I really appreciated their patience. I liked spending time with the guys the best.”

Maggie S.

“They are very honest and decent in their dealings with their clients. I felt I could trust and rely on what I was being told by them. I felt very comfortable and that I was not being given any B.S. I liked their personalized attention and their forthright demeanor compared to what I usually am exposed to by other companies that just offer a lot of B.S. and not truthfulness.”

George G.

“They definitely know what they are doing and they help quite a bit, especially when it comes to getting all the paperwork in order. They made it as painless as possible. This was the first time I had looked for a house, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had an image of Realtor trying to sell all the points. It wasn’t like that at all. He came with us and voiced his concerns, which was great. It didn’t feel as if he was selling something. I appreciated that it was not a sales pitch, but that he was more of a supporter for us. I was very happy.”

Marshal C.

“They have a lot of knowledge about the local market. I think the agent we worked with, Jeff, went above and beyond what we expected. He gave us a lot of valuable input when we were deciding on a property. ”

Titus S.

“We serendipitously met Jeff through his website when we started looking to buy our very first home. We had many, many requirements in mind when looking for a home that included pricing, location, structural specifications etc., and absolutely no experience in these matters. Jeff was extremely accommodating for ALL our concerns and interests, gently educated us in the terminologies of real estate, and suggested lovely, excellent options to check out. On top of that, we kept adding potential homes to the list from other online sources, and Jeff patiently helped us go through all of them too! We especially liked how Jeff was very candid when it came to pointing out all the pros and cons of the options we explored – it really showed us that he ONLY had our best interests in mind. He even made time around our extremely hectic work schedules in arranging for times to show us many different properties. We actually even visited our top choices multiple times, as per Jeff’s advice to go over a place at least 2-3 times before finalizing, which really helped us narrow down on what we liked. Most importantly, as we finalized on a home and went forward with making an offer – Jeff helped us negotiate an AMAZING deal! As I moved closer to the actual closing date, Jeff went above and beyond in helping us overcome multiple hurdles (during peak CoVID19 times too) – moving dates around to accommodate the appraisal, loan setup etc. He even personally made sure all the agreements we made with the seller were honored before closing – we did not have to chase down a single one ourselves. The cherry on top was that Jeff even gave us brilliant ideas on how to redecorate the place to turn it into exactly the dream home we always wanted. We really would look no further than Jeff Marples when it comes to real estate in the Bay Area – especially since we value his honesty, dedication and amiable personal touch. We are so glad to have become such good friends during this time, and hope we get a chance to work with Jeff in the future too! ”

Asmita B.

“Our children have used their services and liked them so this is how we got to know them too. It has worked out very well for us. We highly recommend them. We liked how Jeffrey was willing to meet us here, on the Peninsula and at strange hours due to my wife’s schedule. We liked how available and flexible Jeffrey was to work around our crazy schedule and logistics. ”

Thomas N.

“I worked with Jeff and Rob, they were both extraordinary and very patient. I had some high hopes for my future home, and in this tricky real estate market I knew we would potentially hunt for a long time. Regardless of the long search, he answered all of my questions, took me to see who knows how many open houses, and addressed my concerns. I really felt I could trust him to help me in making a very important decision. I’ve come away from working with them like not only offered incredible professional help, but that they are also a friend. Cheesy and cliche as it may be, they are wonderful! Rob has actually come over to my new place on more than one occasion to fix things. This continues to astound me. They are phenomenal agents and people, and I would recommend them again in a heartbeat. ”

Maggie S.

“Jeff was extremely helpful. Jeff was very friendly and he gave us a lot of good advice. He never pushed any property on us and gave us the pros and cons of all the properties we saw. We were very comfortable with him.”

Neela M.

“They understand you very well. They are aligned with what the customer needs and they are very responsive. They’re knowledgeable and smart. They understand exactly what you need. Basically, you talk with the guy for half an hour or one hour, and he already knows exactly what you need and he comes back to you with exactly what you want.”

Adolfo L.

“Jeff has been an amazing real estate agent from start to finish. He helped us find and get our dream home by relentlessly following the market and working with us through so many viewings and discussions about what is right for us. Jeff was instrumental in negotiating the purchase price to beat out other bidders by just enough to win the house. We appreciated his honesty and forthright attitude – he’s realistic and direct, yet supportive and super knowledgeable. Thank you Jeff and we’ll be sure to come back to you for the next one!”

Lee F.

“Jeff was incredibly responsive and rarely took more than 5 minutes to respond to us, if he wasn’t immediately available. He went above and beyond helping us find contractors for our upgrades ahead of our move. His comments on potential issues were spot on.”

Bill N.

“Working with Jeff was an outstanding experience. We ended up with a place that matches our needs exactly, and did it in two weeks from start to finish! Jeff took the time to really understand what we wanted and needed, and then narrowed our search down to just a few neighborhoods based on his deep knowledge of the Bay Area communities. He arranged for 10-15 on-target showings in 2 days and two second showings on day three, advised us on what he thought was the right choice, helped us through the negotiation by working professionally with the sellers’ broker, supported us through the California closing process (we are from out of state), and has remained involved in the time between closing and move-in. We highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is a serious buyer.”

John P.

“Jeff is a professional first and foremost. He took the time to understand my needs from a home purchase and guided me through the process of selecting the home I purchased. It was a pleasure working with him. I recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home in the SF/Bay Area.”

Ankit K.

“We relied on his opinions when we were shopping around properties. Negotiations, follow ups, and addendums were plenty during this process. Jeff saved us from multiple headaches and ensured the sellers followed through on agreements and protected us as buyers.”

Johnny R.

“Jeffrey is very focused and straightforward. He works very hard and is attentive to detail. He is very proactive and goes above and beyond to provide everything the buyer needs to be aware of, and should be educated about. He knows what is needed and makes certain everything is done correctly and completely. I like his no-nonsense practical and thorough approach. Nothing is done half baked. I know I can rely on him.”

Eric B.

“Jeffrey is incredibly responsible, with good follow-through on all the details, all the issues. I know the matter is in responsible, capable hands. I like that they have the market knowledge and the experience that is needed for this kind of market, in order to do well in it for their clients’ interests and needs.”

Danijela S.

“Jeff is absolutely the best. We just finished our third sale/purchase with him and every one of them has been just perfect. In one case, we looked for a place for over a year. We gave him our specs and neighborhood preference and he was patient and supportive as we sorted through places that weren’t quite right until we found the perfect place. Throughout the process, Jeff was helpful in showing us an array of options that he thought would match with our needs and some creative possibilities that he picked based on his knowledge of our preferences. He knows the market and tracks options coming on; so, we got to new possibilities very quickly. Jeff also works with the mortgage brokers and other agents and title companies to make sure they have what they need to close the deal and keep things in order along the way. He is a relationship builder and clearly has the confidence and trust of others involved in transactions which helps speed things up and avoid potholes along the way. ”


“I believe what worked well for me was not only your professionalism and great knowledge of the real estate industry, but that you took the role of a consultant rather than a salesperson.”

Tom O

“The quality of Jeff’s services were just excellent. We have referred Jeffrey to a bunch of other people already. We like how he tailors his service to the client’s needs and finds such good deals. There was never any pressure. It always seemed like he had our best interests at heart. In fact, I liked how he convinced us not to bid on certain properties which he felt were way over-priced.”

Abe N

“The biggest thing is that Jeff listened to me and what I wanted. They found a number of properties that fit my needs and at the end, he helped me negotiate a very good deal.”

Bruce B.

“Jeffrey is very knowledgeable about the market and all the different buildings in the area. I like how knowledgeable they are about the buildings, their locations, and the rental market. They seem to have a good grasp on the housing and job markets and the needs of what buyers and renters want.”

Sylvia F.

“Jeff is an amazing broker! He is super experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive. He’s personable and knows how to get the job done. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone buying or selling! Jeff has helped us purchase 2 properties. His recommendations on price and considerations were absolutely on point, which shows that he knows the market. He gave us his honest thoughts and pointed out things we didn’t notice or considered about the properties. This type of information is invaluable, especially as new home buyers. He was never pushy and let us make the decision on what we felt comfortable with. We would go to open houses and let him know which ones we potentially would like to put in an offer for. He would contact the agent ASAP and go take a look himself. Our second property purchase was a unique situation where they didn’t use an actual real estate agent, which made the process much harder since they didn’t know what they were doing. Luckily we had Jeff to ensure both sides had all the proper steps and paperwork done. Negotiations, follow ups, and addendums were plenty during this process. Jeff saved us from multiple headaches and ensured the sellers followed through on agreements and protected us as buyers.”

Linda C.

“I would tell others to use them. They are professional, honest, reliable, and fair. I liked their good customer service and how well they listened to me and then followed through.”

Sanjay G.

“I have been their client and worked with them for one transaction and found them to be very personable and always available. Availability is very important. Even after my transaction was completed, I called them with some questions I had and they were very available at any time to help me. They were very helpful, so I really liked that. I like that they are willing to make themselves available at any time and have been very helpful. ”

Lisa R.

From our referral partners

“Jeff Marples and Kyle Algeo did a fantastic job in quickly renting our house in Tiburon. From the time we signed the listing agreement to the start of the lease was one month! Jeff and Kyle researched the market to determine an appropriate rental, hired a photographer to take spectacular photos of our house and wrote up a great listing for Zillow. On the first weekend we had several interested families. They followed up with the potential tenants, helped us review and sort through the applicants, and when we settled on one, put together all of the lease paperwork and followed up on payment. The team of Jeff and Kyle used their experience, market knowledge and marketing skills to achieve a great result. Plus they are really nice guys! The whole leasing process was accomplished professionally and quickly! We highly recommend Jeff and Kyle.”

Jim R.

“Excellent, experienced! My associate and I use Jeffrey for all of our Real Estate acquisitions, development investments!”

Richard A.

“Jeff is an excellent communicator and creative issue resolver. We discussed this potential deal at a party… and it happened. Well Done Jeff!”

Ted B.